Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a look at what other dog owners are asking about our services

Our menu of services ranges from dog to dog based off of behavior and needs. Contact Ohana K9 Academy today to create a custom plan for you and take advantage of our special financing! 

Ohana K9 is the first Dog Training Company in Central California to offer such an Immersive Board & Train Service that is extremely inclusive for the owners and beneficial for the pup.

Ohana K9 doesn't keep your dog the entire board & train. Instead we keep pups Monday thru Friday and have a 1-hour lesson every Friday so owners are part of the process; then we send the dog home with the owners over weekend so the owners can apply the training with the dog so the dog learns to listen to their owner and NOT just their trainer at Ohana K9.

It's the perfect formula to allow the professionals to optimize your dogs potential and having you learn with your dog week to week. Instead of having one lesson at the end that's 2-3 hours long and flooding your brain with so much information. We break it up for owners week to week and get hands on and get the owners involved so the owners know how to work with their own dogs when they go home.

Ohana K9 has strived to create a better community of dogs and dog owners. In order to accomplish that we know we have to take time to educate our dog owners. 

We get hands on with our clients and teach them exactly what to do. we tell you The Who, what when, why, and how's. We don't hold anything back. There's no secret sauce here. We find creative ways to include owners in training to get them involved.

We give you the tools and knowledge to become better dog owners and leaders in the dog community.

Ohana K9 separates themself from other companies within Central California by NOT offering your typical 1-Week & 2-Week Cookie-Cutter programs.

We started out offering those services in our infancy stage and quickly learned the disadvantages for the dogs and owners. It's a great marketing scheme at best. For people who truly understand dogs training and behavior have to understand that 1 or 2 weeks isn't nearly enough time.

There's a difference between a 1-week, 2-week board & train that guarantees your dog will sit, down, stay, place, heel, recall, and some off-leash than addressing true behavior. 

Our Board & Trains are longer because the first week alone we want to take time to just get to know your pup and create a relationship. To get your pup to like us, trust us, and respect us.

Then we continue our training journey and train at the pace of your dog.We don't speed your dog up or slow your dog down to keep up with our curriculum.

It's hard to imagine what kind of relationship and foundation is established in 1 or 2 weeks.

We also know what it's like to be away from your pup so we make sure we send you daily updates via videos and pictures and such.

We have your dogs best interest in mind.

This is an extension to our services; mainly board & train vs. others; not all, but some.

Trainer burnout is a big deal in our industry. As you can imagine it takes great patience to work with & rehabilitate as many dogs as we do and it can take an emotional & mental toll on trainers.

Ohana K9 not only sends their board and trains home over the weekends for the benefit of the dog and client and holding them accountable that they're going to keep up with the training. But it gives our trainers a break to enjoy their time to do as they please. Whether that's spending time with their loved ones, hiking, fishing, vacations, or absolutely nothing. Because they've earned it. It also allows them to recharge their batteries for the next work week. This keeps our trainers happy to be part of our Ohana because we respect their time too and a happy trainer will create happy dogs!

We also give our trainers a lot of vacation time even during peak seasons because we know how precious time is with loved ones. So we give them Spring break, July 4th week, Thanksgiving week, Christmas week, and New Years week off. This allows them to plan their time off and do as they please. This allows our trainers to balance work life with personal life and it encourages them to love to work with us and most importantly working with your beloved pups!


Other companies who offer 1-week or 2-week board & trains are sometimes put through the meat grinder. It becomes a quantity over quality. There's 4 weeks in a month and if we offer 2-week board trains; how many dogs can they squeeze in 2-weeks? Meaning when do their trainers actually get a full weekend off where they're not working 6-7 days a week or even working 25-60 days straight. Talk about burnout.

Ohana K9 also boards our dogs at a facility with 8 kennel techs who's job is to be a support system for our trainers to ensure dog's care, safety, and well-being so the trainers can focus on training.

Other companies require their trainers to not only work all those days in a row but to also house the dogs in their home. So the trainers are now their own kennel techs doubling their workload. So how much of their time is really spent on your dog? Caring for multiple dogs? Having time to themselves?

We take time to educate our trainers year round by sending them to seminars to further their knowledge and skills. We also value their personal time.

Please be aware of Trainers being burnt out, overworked, and how much time is your dog really getting worked with.

Ohana K9 is fortunate to have amazing trainers who turnout great results. But we also have amazing Kennel Techs who are part of the process and are just as important to our company. You'll notice the respect our trainers have for our kennel techs because they understand the importance of their duties.

Ohana K9 knew in order to get optimal training results that the trainers have to spend more time training and less time doing all the husbandry work. What it takes to ensure the Care, Safety, & Well-Being of every dog we board.

Our Kennel Techs take their job serious and do a wonderful job doing all the little things to ensure a safe, sanitized, organized, and fun environment to be in for our clients. They make sure dogs are fed, have access to fresh water, consistently taken out of their crates, potty-broke, played with, walked, exercised, socialized, and the list goes on.

Our Kennel Techs take so much pride in what they do for your dogs they came up with their own chart system to keep track oof your dogs everyday needs. 

We want to shed light on our team and we strongly feel we have the best Kennel Techs west of the Mississippi! 

We know you'll miss your pup while they're off to Bootcamp but No, you won't get to see your pup. We can't stop you but we don't recommend it as it can have a negative effect on the training. We're really great at sending parents daily updates. Also make sure you follow us on social media; there's a good chance your beloved pup is floating around there.

No, We will not force a client to use something that they're not comfortable with. 


If a Client would like to learn more about it then we'd love to educate the community on the many benefits of using an e-collar when used properly.

Private lessons are great for owners who are committed, have the time, patience, and discipline to put into the training. Remember you only get 1 hour a week with your trainer. So it's up to the owner to make the time to implement the training consistently to achieve the desired results.


Our Board & Train is the most Immersive B&T service in Central California. We are the first to offer such a service where owners send their dogs off to get trained by professionals but get to have a lesson with their dog every week on Friday's so they're part of the process. Owners even get to take their dogs home after the 1-hour lesson to apply the training over the weekend to ensure the dog learns to listen to the owner and not just Ohana K9. 

We will train puppies that are at least 8-weeks old or if they've had their second set of shots. We will consider training puppies until 5-6 months old. In other cases we've also based it off maturity.


We will not consider a dog that is 5 months old into our adult program. Ohana K9 strongly feels that a puppy must mature to enter our program. So we like to wait until the pup is between 8-12 months old or based off maturity.

Ohana K9 wants to offer the best possible services to as many members of our community as possible and we feel like we are fair in our prices considering you're not receiving your average pet training.

Our Board & Train Service is priced much cheaper per week than most companies across California. Some companies charge $1,000 minimum per week and we haven't even touched that number per week yet.

We also strongly feel that you pay for what you get and we feel like we have a lot of knowledge to share along with quality results.

We understand we're not for everyone but we want to thank you all for considering us!

We have worked with many aggressive cases. We are always open to working with clients and their aggressive dogs.

We will have a in-person consultation to see if we're a good fit for your pup.


Results vary in Behavior Modifications. There's No Guarantees.

Ohana K9 understands that these pups coming top us are a member of the family and we want to ensure the care and safety of your pet is our top priority.

Most of the time the owners who know or feel stressed about their dog staying with us during the week are the owners who tend to have more separation anxiety than the dogs. That's why we send you daily pix and videos. Remember you get to see your pup every Friday too!

Ohana K9 has been fortunate enough to have built a reputable reputation and would have to sabotage that. We want to continue to hold ourselves to a high standard to give owners the confidence to conduct training with us.


We're NOT perfect but we strive to consistently learn from our mistakes and get better.

Dogs are NEVER left alone at our facility. Dogs are kept inside our facility over night in temperature controlled boarding room.

We have staff at the facility 24/7 constantly caring for dogs.

We understand that there's more than one pup in a home sometimes.

We can help if there's total chaos or if they're fighting each other.

Please consult with us about multiple dog homes. We usually give a discount for multiple dogs.

Ohana K9 doesn't require for your dog to be fixed; male or female.

Behavior is behavior. We've seen dogs that are fixed act out more than dogs that aren't sometimes. 

If females are in heat we'll send them home and postpone training.

During our board & train, boarding, or daycare we understand that being away from your beloved pup can be difficult so we take great pride in sending clients daily updates. We take the time to send a picture, video, text, or call to keep owners updates.

Also follow our social media pages as you may see your pup floating around social media somewhere!