About OhanaK9 Academy

Award Winning
Dog Training

Come and see why we are voted Best in Central California! Our dog trainers have over 25 years of experience and have trained over 1,000 dogs from California New York, Chicago, Florida, Las Vegas, and Arizona. Check us out on Google where we have one hundred seventy, 5-star reviews! We provide custom dog training plans based off of your dog’s needs from day one until they graduate our program. We pride on strong family values and hope to have the opportunity to work with your family!  

Dogs are extremely intelligent, and therefore Ohana K9 Academy is dedicated to investing in our trainers to provide high-quality education by world-renowned trainers to learn modern, and effective tools, methods, and techniques. 

Our training philosophy prides on immersive, and balanced techniques utilizing operant conditioning. This system focuses on positive and negative rewards and enforcements in behavior. This allows the dog to find its advantage in earning a reward or an opportunity to avoid correction. Ohana K9 Academy understands the importance of owner-pet communication and support our clients with training and tips to incorporate into your lifestyle and reinforce the bond. We stand behind our proven dog training techniques and are confident our strategies will make a positive impact on dog owners and our communities by having a more well-balanced, obedient dog.